Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello 2012- I am not sure sure I like you

Tuesday lesson was a bit more eventful then I intended it to me. Henry was a bit high as I lunged him and I didn't get to lunge him as long as I would have liked because my trainer said "get on" haha. So I did... Getting right to work so that he didn't have any time to think about ALL THE NOISE that was going on around. Seriously it was like grand central station! Anywho we got to work- worked more on bending and being soft in the corners. Cantering and trying to slow him down and hold him together and not letting him be so strung out and just going around how he wants. He got his canter both ways and was responsive. I was feeling good ..

Then we were tasked with walking over the polls... I approached with confidence and Henry acted like he had never seen them before and they were going to eat him- large leap over the polls. Trotting them- he jumped them again. Then one side of the X was put him and he SLAMMED on the brakes at the last minute, smacked me in the left side of my chin and jaw- I felt shooting pain in my face and almost like I was going to pass out and fell off. I sat there a minute because the pain was so bad in my face, everyone was asking if I was ok which I was but it hurt, really bad, so I didn't want to get up to fast and pass out- so I sat. Eventually I got back on and did it again- eventually it was raised to and X and we did it a few time both ways and were done. It felt like he was jumping a good 2 feet over the little jump that was set up but hey better then running through it and not jumping it right? Everyone said he looked really cute when he actually jumped it ... so that was nice to hear.

Tomorrow is a new day so hopefully our ride goes better. I am sore, very sore but that comes with a fall off a 16.2 hand horse I guess ha! Oh and my fall for 2012 is out of the way :)

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