Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Friday night and I juuuuussssttttt got paid!

Yay for Friday. I was able to ride this afternoon (got off work early cause I had worked some overtime Monday) and it was nice... kinda.

*jump on soap box* I am not sure why people are so dumb... common curtsy, or no- common sense seems to escape most of the world I have decided!

Back on track... Tacked up and put Henry in the big ol round pen and let him blow off some steam- he was far to high for only having one day off! Anywho didn't lunge much cause 1. I wanted to ride before the rain came 2. was on a time limit and 3. am trying to make sure I have a little more horse to work with when I ride. There were some odd situations going on and that yielded some spooks, fly slightly sideways and little duck outs but I felt like I took it all in stride. My trainer was there giving someone a lesson so I got a few pointers here and there how to deal with these special maneuvers :) I appreciated it!

Anywho worked more of holding him together, bending, his frame, keeping him in front of my let and making sure I am sitting up (shoulders back). All in all he was good.

I was able to clean my bridle, martingale and draw reins- my trainers bridle (that she has been letting me use) and my horse! The rain has arrived so I cleaned Henry up the best I could before putting him back out in his stall where I am sure he will be a big ball of mud tomorrow! :)

Oh I have decided on a saddle.. a Frank Baines. It fits both Henry and I really well. It is perfect for what I can afford right now and what we need :)

One last thing... As most of you know I got Henry from CANTER CA. They are selling calendars and Henry and I are featured! We are November... it would be awesome if you all could support them and buy one! They are doing great things and can use all the support they can get!!

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