Wednesday, January 18, 2012

3 Days...

Sunday he got turned out for a bit- nothing much.

Monday was his trainer ride- which will be moving back to Wednesdays next week cause that is a hard day for me to get out to the barn and definitely a day that I can't ride. I was told he was good and even jumped well. One of these days I'll be able to go watch again on my lunch. I like seeing him being ridden :)

Tuesday I rode in the ladies night lesson :) There were a bunch of polls on the ground so I was instructed to go over them all and get him working. At the first one we trotted he slammed the brakes on and I got after him and he went over it. After a few more times he stopped "jumping" them haha. I also worked on keeping him straight down the long side as he is more then happy to wander around the arena without a purpose. We are also making progress with his frame- WOO HOO. Irene said I am almost there! Last but not least the challenge of my mind over matter of the night was cantering the polls. I did it and it went well :)

Might be able to ride on my lunch today... tomorrow I am taking Rachel to the airport so I won't be riding after work and hopefully I can ride Friday as Sean works Saturday so no weekend lesson for me.

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