Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last day of vacation ... SAD!

Friday was a day of turn out and new shoes for Henry :)

Saturday was windy windy windy and after lunging up in the hurricane weather (less the rain) we all went down to ride inside which was MUCH appreciated. There were 6 of us plus 2 others riding inside which made for not much ring space but it's good practice for showing right? :) Anywho one of the other trainers was riding a clients horse and the horses was being crazy/spooky. Henry actually took it all in great stride which I was very proud of. He looked at the horse like "whats your problem" but continued to work well for me. We worked on shoulder in as well as haunches in, a forward working trot (which after the amount of lunging I did because he was so high was hard to get cause he was tired lol), cantering both ways and getting that left lead, keeping him cantering (its hard work to keep him going sometimes haha) and the normal other hacking stuff. It was a hard ride but good- I like getting off a bit sore ha!

Sunday was just some turn out in the crazy wind :)

Monday was the last day of my vacation- so sad! Bayleys daycare was open so after letting her sleep in (she had a rough nights sleep) I dressed her and dropped her off for a few hours. Off to the barn to ride and move stuff down to the lower barn where we will be residing for the winter. I got there, tacked up and headed to our arena to ride... There was a barn meeting going on while I lunged which I wasn't able to be apart of but I think I got the details I needed. Anywho got to work and man it was a good/hard ride. We even did some no stirrup work which just about killed me- I could only do two laps of the arena before I left like I was going to fall off and die HAHA. We got our left lead the first try but he was defiantly at the races. He wasn't being bad but at times I could tell he was hauling booty so we stopped and backup a few time and did some unexpected circles to make sure he was paying attention to me. After our ride a few of us took a walk around the property. I went for half of the walk but chickened out going all the way down- but he was really really good for it being his first time!
Anywho untacked, groomed and put on his cooler and took him back to his stall to dry while I moved stuff- long story short we didn't end up moving cause things weren't ready. In the meantime Henry rolled in his new shavings and got all dirty- good thing he isn't gray!
The move is supposed to happen today and I am supposed to ride tonight if Sean gets off work in time.

I am still trying out saddles and haven't found any I am in love with... hopefully soon :)


  1. Heya,

    Quick question. Have you tried a Pessoa A/O on him? I have one I'm trying to sell that I used on my old TB. It's barely broken in and in really good condition. I live in SJ, so I don't think it would be too difficult to arrange a trial. Let me know if you're interested!


  2. Will you email me pics, price, seat size and flap size and any other details?

  3. I'll email all that first thing tomorrow! I'll be sending it from my work email, so keep an eye out for something from @svb.com



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