Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Change of plans

Seems like it's the season for being flexible.

Yesterday was a hack day cause my trainer is still under the weather. There were 6/7 of us riding, no lessons so it was nice to just hack around. Again I worked on transitions and a quick response from Henry... trot now, slow to a sitting trot now, turn now, move off my leg now, canter now... you get the idea. He is getting so much better. I asked more of him Monday then I did last night but really enjoyed my rides both nights.

I also love that it is still light ish when I am done riding and taking Henry back to his stall. It isn't day light but it isn't pitch black and I love it! It was rainy last night so i gave Henry a really good curry and brushing after our ride and then blanketed him- I was waiting for the rain to let up so we could run to his stall haha. I'll have to take a picture of Henry in his "knight in shining armor" blanket... he's so cute! I've got lots of clothes for him but this blanket is like the best all in one... has an attached neck piece, nice quilting lining, cute pattern, nice tail cover.. LOVE IT :)

This isn't Henry but this is the blanket..

Wednesday trainer ride, Thursday lesson, Friday trainer ride (maybe a lesson for me if I can squeeze it in on my lunch), Saturday hopefully a trainer ride cause I have Bayley and Sean works :)

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