Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just keep hacking...

Lesson got moved to Thursday soooo a hacking we go :)

My goal was to work on what we worked on in my lesson but on a smaller scale... aka take a few things and work on those. So I worked on moving his hind end over through the corners, holding the frame all the time and sharper canter transitions.

He worked nicely. There were 2 other rides from my barn, 1 from the Eventing barn and 1 from the other H/J barn. Thats right Windmill Ranch dominating- haha just kidding :)

I hacked around working on the above ... walked for a bit (Henry thought we were done) and then worked on my canter transitions some more.

After I was done I went for a walk around the property with two other ladies from my barn. Henry was SOOOOOOO SLOW. The other two horses are twice his age and they were kicking out butts... he was just moseying along looking at everything. Anywho that is only the second time we have gone for a walk and I was so happy with how relaxed and well behaved he was.

Trainer ride today, Thursday lesson, Friday trainer ride, Saturday lesson.

Kat and Andy came and took some pictures - I am impatiently awaiting them haha!! I will post once I get them :)


  1. Pics will come :) After Henry spooked at the gate he was impressively chill for your leisurely ride around the property, lol.

    1. yeah yeah pictures!!! yep we are making leaps and bounds :)


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