Friday, March 2, 2012

March 2nd and 3rd

Henry was good for me last night... I didn't do to much with him- hacked a bit, he was good so no need to grind him... took some pics and loved on him :)

BUT today wasn't so good... I got a report that he was less then stellar haha! He wasn't a good boy and was very stubborn. I told him if he didn't get with it, that he is going to get kicked out of boot camp and we need boot camp!

Day off tomorrow as I have Bayley cause Sean works and hopefully I can ride Sunday :)

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  1. lol sounds like my ride last night also. Not sure what is with that. Hope you make it out to ride on sunday! im going to have to sneak out to the barn at like 5 am because i have a seminar to get too at 8 am


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