Friday, March 23, 2012


I *thought* we had a lesson last night but we didn't... here is where the confusion ensues haha!

Anywho Henry was a bit wild in the round pen, but it was super windy so I'll calk it up to that. Being that I thought we had a lesson I didn't lunge for long cause I wanted to get in and get to work. There were a few other riders riding so I hopped on and got to work.

We did a few laps of walking- moving his hind end over in the corners, staying in the frame and straightness.

Then to our trot and canter work... he was good. My trainer was there and even made a comment on how he was looking good woot! Worked on counter bending, collecting, extending, sharper transitions and lots o steering cause there were lots o peeps :)

I worked him, walked, worked him and again, walked  and then worked him again. I find that he thinks we are done if after the cantering haha! Gotta break him of that habit.

Trainer ride today, lesson tomorrow and off Sunday.

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