Monday, March 12, 2012

Extra ride + VIDEO

BIG thanks to the hubby for taking some videos for me while little miss Bay slept during my ride :)

It was super quiet at the barn, only me and one other rider from my barn there. I just went up with intentions to do a light hack and work on transitions. The wind was crazy which = a super touchy horse but I made him go all around the arena and he gave in haha!

Anywho enjoy some short video clips.

Trot - Left

Trot- Right

Trot- Right to Halt

Trot - Left Longer

Canter- Left

Canter- Right

Canter- Right to Trot and Walk

So I feel super vulnerable putting these up here. I need so much work and know it. Henry and I are growing every lesson/ride and I am so proud of where he has come and how well we are progressing together. So yes we have lots to work on but are under a super awesome trainer and working hard to progress :)

Also here is a clip of Henry and Louie from earlier today in turn out :)

Lesson tomorrow, trainer ride Wednesday, hack Thursday, Trainer ride Friday and maybe Saturday.


  1. you and Henry look like a great team! I love seeing videos. It really helps me realize how far my boy and I have come. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks!!! I still need to get one of your OTTB shirts :)

  3. You guys look great! Henry looks very happy at his work.

    1. Thank you! :) He is happy most of the times- most Mondays he is a grouch like me haha!


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