Monday, June 18, 2012

June 16, 2012

So I am not feeling chatty.. this will be a post of bullet points.

- private lesson was good
- I get confused if I am supposed to have contact on his mouth or a loose rein (still contact but not tight) and let him stretch down (when i hack on my own i go loose cause thats how i want him to move ha)
- when doing a really forward trot i feel like i am all over the place despite being told im not ha
- Henry take a lot of work to ride
- Henry is so spookie inside and better outside despite the crazy wind

- the horse show may not happen this weekend despite what I was lead to believe

- i have a long hard week ahead of me with riding, work and life but I can do it so bring it on....

Hack tomorrow, trainer riding Wednesday, lesson and cleaning Thursday, hack and the rest of the cleaning Friday... hopefully a show Saturday.


  1. Just because I can't go doesn't mean you shouldn't go!

    1. Ira said we weren't going if you don't go.

    2. me too.. though I know your desire is much more then mine so i am praying Mr Carlos is a ok :) We all know he wants to go to the S H O W too haha!

  2. Fingers are crossed that you BOTH make it to the show...


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