Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hey 106 degrees

It was crazy hot today! We rode at 8 am for our lesson cause it was going to be a really hot day. Sad when it is already quite warm that early in the morning! I was sweating for sure!

To add to the heat is was SUPER windy so we rode inside. I think that Henry is actually better outside and prob would have been better to ride out in the wind then inside listening to all the wind and seeing the affects it had outside.

Anywho we had a lesson... hacked, even some no stirrups which was not fun as Henry was all over the place with his head like a giraffe. He got better as the ride went and I felt strong though I can tell you if he goes like he went today at the horse show Saturday, I am not going to be placing AT ALL. Hopefully this week will bring a better behaved horse.

Juliana got on and jumped him and said he felt really good.. ill pretend that it was because of the schooling on the flat that I did with him before she jumped :)

Friday he just got turned out. We got Subway on our way to the barn and at dinner while he hand some time out in the turnout.

Tomorrow he is getting the day off, Monday a lesson, Tuesday a hack, Wednesday trainer ride, Thursday lesson, Friday hack... Saturday show.

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