Tuesday, June 12, 2012

what a weekend...

Rodeo practice Friday and my horse didn't show up.

Rodeo Saturday- we were to be on and warmed up at 2:30 pm... at 2:10 my horse still wasn't there, found another (a friends horse who I LOVE), tacked up and was ready.

i am the last one in the line- all the way to the left/top in the pic
Rodeo Sunday- the horse I had to ride was HIGH... I tried to ride her how and get a connection with her. Ran in with the flag, all went well stopped in the middle of the arena in our spot to let the queens run in and she got nervous. I talked to her, relaxed and walked her in a cricle... as the queens started to run in (kinda at us) she freaked, I continued to sooth her but it didn't work. She reared and spun and got me off. I jumped back up and got on her, finished our run out of the arena. The mare is young, had never been on an end (the one other time she had done grand entry she had been sandwiched between horses) and later I was told doesn't like to stand still... awesome.

Anywho I made it out alive and in once piece- though I was embarrassed even though there wasn't anything I could have done.

Monday I went up to see Henry and turn him out/lunge him. I had less then an hour so no riding was in order. It was not and he wasn't very wild but he needed to be worked some.

He has a new neighbor pony who he's quite smitten over... he wouldn't even pay any attention to me, just posing for her ha!

Hopefully a ride tonight, though I am thoroughly exhausted and feeling really burnt out. Trainer ride Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday.


  1. Fun! I'm jealous - I've always wanted to be in a rode. Bummer about the mare freaking out. Henry looks smashing in plaid! :)

    1. It all coming with the territory of riding a random horse i guess :) I felt as thought I handled it well and was cool calm and collected so thats good :)

      Thanks... Henry has a match match fly sheet too :)


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