Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday and Wenesday.. then comes Friday right?!

Tuesday I hacked. Rode in the Mikmar again and it was better the second time around. He was much more supple and in a frame. Still working on that frame in the canter- well going into the canter, once we get there he is good- not great but good.

Wednesday was supposed to be a trainer ride but it didn't happen. I turned him out on my lunch.

Tomorrow he is supposed to get a trainer ride and I am having a lesson.

Friday he is supposed to have a trainer ride but I don't think that will happen.

Lesson Saturday.

Going to have to figure out the trainer ride stuff cause it seems like scheduled are changing and not in my favor lol.


  1. Glad the bit seems to be working or helping anyways.

    At least you know when your rides don't/ might not happen, does your fee get adjusted? Or will you be credited "rides" that don't happen one week in the next?

    I sometimes feel like I am left in the dark a bit... errr a lot... on that front...

    1. :-( Its hard when your not there to "check on" them... And its kind of sad that we as clients have to "check" on them in the first place

  2. Wanted to give you my email here too so you didn't have to check back : :)

  3. I love these pictures!!! The rays of sunshine look so beautiful against Henrys rich chestnut coloring!


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