Friday, June 1, 2012

Pictures! and a lesson :)

Pictures from last weeks lesson :)

So happy with how awesome Henry looks!

Got a bit left behind haha

Lesson last night was on Louie as Henry got a trainer ride earlier in the day and I thought that 2 rides in one day was to much since he is coming back from being funkie. My trainer also agreed that I should ride Louie since he is good for my confidence and jumping practice. I get to jump bigger on him then Henry :)

We rode inside to start- it was way to hot but I tried to keep focused and cool. Hacked around on the flat, 2 point and no stirrup work.

Then three of us headed down to the outside big arena and 2 of us jumped. I am still trying to get the "feel" of Louie jumping but am really grateful that I am allowed to ride/jump him. He's nice, knows his job and allows me to progress. I've got to remember to get him more forward in the line and hold my right rein to keep him nice and straight.

It was a good ride :)

Henry is getting his teeth done today and a trainer ride, tomorrow I have a lesson... I am going to try and ride Sunday if I have time cause Monday hubby has an early softball game so no riding after work for me.


  1. Great pics! Glad that Henry is back in business! :)

    I always like to lesson occasionally on more seasoned horses. Its always fun to get to do more than you normally can with a greenie. Glad that your lesson went well.

  2. Henry is looking awesome! He is that beautiful deep chestnut color that I love, and so shiny!! Isn't it awesome being able to get on a more made horse and just focusing on yourself??

    1. BTW I love your new cover photo, or whatever its called. You both look all business :-)

    2. Thanks!!! We are totally all business- lol :) And I love that Henry shines! Makes all my grooming worth it when I see how good he looks! ha

      Yeah riding a made horse makes me feel confident ;)


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