Saturday, June 2, 2012

Suprise Lesson

The normal Sat am lesson was changed to 7:30 this morning... I got up at 6:30 in order to make it out and hubby was no where to be found. Come to find out he went to the gym and didn't get back in time for me to make the lesson- it  was almost 7:30 when he got home. So I crawled back into bed and went back to "sleep."

I made it up there around 8:30 expecting to just hack as I had been told my trainer had plans and needed to leave early.

Tacked, lunged and headed to ride. Low and behold I got a casual lesson :)

Trotted a few laps and then cantered a TON in 2 point. I didn't have anything to time it with but my legs were on fire! Good burn for sure!

After we were cantered down and I had done my own thing for a while my trainer told me to work on some lead changes. Going left to right was better then right to left. I feel like my arms are about 3 feet longer then when I arrived at the barn this am ha! I need to work on softening Henry to the left cause man was he STIFF when asking for the lead change to the left.

Juliana hopped on Henry and jumped him around. He did awesome and my trainer raised the jumps pretty good size for him to jump. She even commented that this was the best hes jumped to date :)

I'll have to go measure how big he jumped tomorrow but needless to say I was proud and excited. One day that'll be me :)

It's been great to ride Lou and build on my skills so that I can be a better and more confident rider when jumping Henry!

Off tomorrow, trainer ride Monday, hack Tuesday, trainer ride Wednesday, lesson Thursday, hack Friday and RODEO Saturday and Sunday :)


  1. I really appreciate your attitude towards other people riding your kid. I'm actually kinda envious of it. :) I have a hard time letting people work with Archie (seriously!), so it's really great to see that you acknowledge his potential and that, for the time being, other people are able to get him there. And I love that you're working so hard to get there. :)

    1. ah thanks!

      I defiantly get the tinge at times but I remember that it's the best for him to get training to move forward. I will get there again but for now I've got to get help :)

      I am so grateful that I can ride Louie to progress (further then Henry and I are ready to jump right now together) and then go into my rides during the week on Henry more confident!


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