Friday, September 14, 2012

A little off

Henry was a little off in the hind end last night. I trotted him to see if he would be ok but my trainer said to put him up... so I did. We talked my my farrier and are going to put hind shoes on him to see if that helps. There isn't a heat or anything but with his full workload he might need all 4.

We are going to check him again today and if he's ok he will get a trainer ride.

Prayers that he is all good! :)


  1. :/ Hopefully shoes will help. I know they greatly helped Houston. He has way better traction now and is more comfortable.

    1. He was better today then he was last night... hopefully shoes will be on tomorrow am :)

  2. Hope the shoes work and he comes right.

  3. The shoes seem to have really helped :)


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