Sunday, September 2, 2012

Long weekend ftw

I am stoked on it being Sunday, normally I am sad BUT tomorrow both hubby and I have off so yay!

Saturday morning I had a lesson with three others.. small Saturday crew but it was good. It was cold and we went down below to ride. I layered better then I had on Friday :) We flatted around  and as we were flatting my trainer was setting up jumps oh and raising them... she new it was freaking me out. Then she set up a skinny line and BAM I really new that she was trying to freak me out. As she was setting them up I made comments about how this wasn't funny. She claimed that I wouldn't have to jump them all or at that height.

Onto jumping: Lyssette went first so that she could get to the pony. Then it was Juliana and my turns... warmed up over an x. Then onto the course.. where I got tricked. Started out X to black and yellow (big to me- bigger then what I jumped Friday) oxer to the vertical wall to the X. Then she added in the rainbow oxer (also bigger and WIDER then I have ever jumped Henry) and another vertical.

After I jumped I had hubby measure to see how big the jumps were... my trainer claimed 2'3" and we all got a good laugh.. they were 2'9" and 2'11" per hubby's measurement of two of the jumps that weren't taken down by the time he measured them. Now I claimed that I didn't need to EVER jump over 2'9" and I guess my trainer has different plans for me.

Henry breezes over all of the jumps and I am so thankful!

So Juliana got on Henry and jumped him through the skinny line and he did awesome.. I sat on Lou with Bayley while we watch Henry :) If you ask her what noise a horse makes - she clucks at you, yep my daughter is awesome!

Then we headed up to the barn to get off and clean up.

Great ride, I felt really accomplished and never thought that in a year form getting Henry and a year and a half after having a baby (c-section) I would be this far with a green horse!

Here are some pictures from my lesson on 8-28... no big jumps cause I was in a FOUL mood ha!

Kat on Lou and me on Henry cooling out after our lesson.

Nice leg Karley.. please ignore haha!

Turned out today, lesson Monday, lesson Tuesday, off Wednesday, hack Thursday, lesson Friday, show Saturday and Sunday. Somewhere in there an working full time, being a mom and wife I will be prepping for the show and cleaning Henry up.


  1. Yay!!! You guys look awesome! And I have to say, the backdrop of your arena is breathtaking!

    1. ah thanks! yeah we are very blessed for sure! :)

  2. Y'all look great! And those jumps look scary. Props for that!

    And what's this "cold" thing you're talking about? :)

    1. Yeah my trainer has crazy colored/decorated jumps for sure. It's awesome though cause Henry doesn't really look at much anymore :)

      I've already forgotten of the cold thing i spoke about as it quickly left :)

  3. Yay go Karley! Our arena would be better if I didn't have to photoshop out powerlines lol

  4. I LOVE your jumps! So nice and colourful!
    Looking great too:)

  5. The landscape is really gorgeous. Nice jumping horse and rider, too!

  6. beautiful pictures!! looks like a lot of fun :D


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