Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hey Lesson

Had a lesson last night.

Hubby and his dad picked up hay for me (I feed Henry and extra flake every day as it's cheaper then paying the BO for an extra flake). After they unloaded the two bales I went to get Henry... I am really not going to enjoy trucking down there in the winter but I can't afford in the barn.

Tacked up the wild steed and waited my turn in the round pen... I actually took my girth home to wash it and my show girth was at home as well so I had to borrow a lesson girth for the lesson. Anywho ran the wild man around and then hopped on and headed down to the arena. I am sure going to miss riding outside in the winter...

We hacked around on the flat-
     -I worked on bending him through the body (not just the neck) through my corners
     - Traveling straight down the long side
     - Smaller posts aka keeping my bootie closer to the saddle :)

Then we moved on to an X back and forth and getting changed, oh yeah and keeping my reins short enough haha! Then only the line... the first time Henry tried to go left or right cause that is what we had been doing so it was an interesting ride... did it a few more times, holding for the 6 strides. Then jumped the wall/vertical... then move onto an oxer. I was having a hard time seeing the distance for some reason but got a few good jumps in with changes or him landing on the lead so we called it a day.

He is off today, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday, lesson Saturday.


  1. I think the dimming light may have made it harder for you to see the distance, or at least we can go with that ;)

  2. I feel so forturnate to be at a barn where I can throw my mare an extra flake or two every day - without being charged extra. I take so much for granted! I dread the cold weather chasing us in to the indoor also.

    1. Yeah the joys of a BO whos got a price on everything- NOT!

  3. I take for granted the fact that my trainer always like them to have hay in front of them, so its never an issue. Glad he was a good boy!


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