Monday, September 17, 2012

T H E Recap

So here are the results from the show... 
Eq Flat - 2nd
Warm- Up OF- 3rd (Thanks to Juliana for schooling him in this    class)
Hunter OF- 3rd (Thanks to Juliana for schooling him in this class)
Eq OF- 2nd
Hunter Under Saddle - 2nd
Eq Flat- Canceled

We got Reserve Champion in our division. 

Loaded up the trailer around 9:45, got to the show around 10:45 and the Hunter classes were starting. We were in the last division so I tacked up and got on without rushing... hacked around for a bit and then waited and waited and waited.

Juliana came and schooled Henry in 2 OF classes which was really nice. At first I wanted to do "well" in all the classed but then remembered that the point of coming to this was to school and correct him when he was to strong.

Overall a good experience for Henry and that is what I wanted.

I don't know what our next outting will be. I asked about going to a show in Oct but my trainer said it probably won't happen but that we can trailer out to another barn and school.

Anywho pictures to come once I get them :)

Henry gets today off/turnout, lesson tomorrow, lunge Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday, lesson Saturday.


  1. Hooray showing!! You two are progressing well. Next you'll have fancy show pics and everything. :)

    1. Thanks girl!!! :) Yes hopefully pictures soon!

  2. Great job! Glad it was a positive experience!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time! Good job Henry!

  4. Replies
    1. it was def a good experience and exposure :)


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