Friday, September 21, 2012

Quick Update

Thursday- I had a  lesson. We worked on lead changes pre jumping...yeah workout to the max! But I was determined to make progress. It got better, not perfect at all but better...

Then  we moved onto jumping... did the line back and forth (rainbows to yellow and black oxer) with lead changes after. Then moved onto the gate oxer with a U turn to the red/black X oxer. Took a bit for me to get my distance right- short ..  long (though my trainer said it was ok cause I stayed with him)... then right woot!

Friday- Trainer ride... they said he was awesome. Jumped him about 3'3 (which really means like 5 foot cause I swear she always underestimates the fence height!!! lol) and he got almost all his lead changes. I jokingly said it was cause of my hard work Thursday night :) LOL!

Lesson tomorrow...

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