Tuesday, September 25, 2012


WILD horse in the round pen!

Go, halt, backup, go, halt, backup... you get the idea. The top middle of my back is killing me now- used mussles that aren't normally used that much I guess.

He was sweaty as heck when we were done... goal was to keep his mind on me and get a hack in.

Lesson tonight got moved so I am hacking tonight, turn out Wednesday, lesson Thursday, lesson Friday, lunge Saturday, lesson Sunday.


  1. I think that Houston will probably have a go in the round pen tomorrow before our ride too... He hasn't been ridden since Saturday... Or that is what I assume because amy trainer didn't get back to me. We'll see. Hope that your week is good :)

    1. Oh man Henry can't handle one day let alone 3 LOL :)

      Hope Houston is good for you despite his time off!

  2. Hopefully Libby wont be too rested to let me know how good shes feeling! Going on 5 days...


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