Monday, September 3, 2012

Good start to THE week...

THE week because we have a show this weekend soooo I've got to put on my game face.

Lesson today and it went well. I rode in the Mikmar so Mr. Henry wasn't able to pull me around... such a different horse with breaks!!! :) Our ride was enjoyable. I rode in my tall boots to get in the feel for this weekend.  I  plan to ride in them all week, clean them a bit each time after I ride and then give them a good cleaning Friday night in the hotel.

Jumped today and he was good... we did the "bigger" X, right turn to the gate, right turn to the black and yellow oxer, left turn to the rainbow oxer, left turn to the panel vertical. Henry was good and we weren't bad...I think we did it a total of 3 or so times and got decent lead changes- my trainer said I need to get mad quicker with him when asking. She said I ask to nice and then when he doesn't do it I get mad and thats when I get it- ha! Noted :)

Cooled Henry out a bunch, lots of walking while  others jumped and talked.

I cleaned Henry up, pulled him mane and cleaned my tack. Then I took him home, grained him and gave him lots of love!

Tuesday lesson, Wednesday off/turn out, Thursday hack, Friday lesson at the show/schooling, Saturday and Sunday show :)

Can't remember if I used this yet..if I did oh well, I love this picture :)


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