Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Almost had a spill...

Had a lesson tonight. Henry was slow moving and not sure why in the world I was taking him out- he needed more then one day off. I agree, we both needed a week vacation... BUT we are  in training so lessons  are a waiting!!! :)

Tacked up, attempted to lunge which lasted like 30 seconds and then I got on. I could tell he didn't have any crazies and I was going to need all the go he had.

Headed down to the lesson with Kat and Erica... we flatted around- my trainer told me to work on keeping my post low but a forward trot- man was that a challenge.

We cantered a lot because I think she forgot about us when she was talking to the eventing trainer haha! Henry was weird in the canter tonight- he was watching the horses walking around up by the barn, listening to the shoer, watching Andy get in and out of the car, watching the pony run around calling for his friend who was being ridden and periodically paying attention to the chaos that was going on at the Western barn across the street.

We walked and rested for a min  and then moved onto jumping. Started with the panel back and forth. Then moved onto the bog X with ground polls in front and back to make sure that Henry was paying attention. And then onto the black and yellow big-ish oxer. Back and forth... got in a bit  to deep one time and almost ate it... I am still not sure how I didn't fall off- I was on his neck, wrapped my arms around it and then pushed myself back into the saddle- shocked I was still on. Everyone laughed, including myself. I came back to it again and did it a few more times and then we ended. Erica jumped a little more and then we headed back up to the barn.

Horse show this Sunday. I plan to do the Eq flat class for the division before mine to get a tour of the arena. Then we are going to do 5 classes in the 2'3"-2'6" division
Warm- Up OF
Hunter OF
Hunter Under Saddle
Eq Flat

Lunge Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday, turn out Saturday and show Sunday.

Here is where we are going Sunday: http://www.mhaoakland.org/index.html


  1. Lou was all looky too, there was a lot of activity around us tonight, but the better for them. We were all SOOOO happy you didn't fall, Henry was practically under the oxer before he jumped, I woulda been sky high lol. and that was plenty big of a fence since Henry assumes all things are 3 ft tall and wide ;)

  2. Are you at teh same barn that Nicku and Pong (the giant appy sporthorse) are at? They have a jump just like your rainbow one.

    1. Yep we are at the same barn :)

      Yeah those are my trainers crazy jumps- rainbows, mustache/ears/eyes on the polls, bumble bee.... Our hunters are good as gold at shows cause we have lots of color at home. Henry has jumped all of the eventing things Nickus trainer Ann has :)

  3. Another show?! Showing machine you! I hope you guys have a great time :)


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