Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not Quite Right

Henry wasn't quite right tonight... he wasn't lame but he was definitely stepping short in the hind end. He just got his feet done today so I am hoping he was just a little tender. I lunged him a little and then hopped on to see how he felt... and it wasn't quite right. I trotted him around for about 10 min to see if he would trot out of it but he didn't do I cooled him out and hopped off.

He got a nice hosing, about a 15 min grass eating session, groomed again b/c he rolled and grained/loved on.

Tomorrow is a trainer right and I am going to ride as well- feeling a bit under the weather and might need to take the afternoon off :) Lesson Saturday and Sunday off.


  1. He'll get better and quickly :)

  2. Hope it's nothing and he's back to it tomorrow!

  3. Hopefully he was just feeling a little tender from his pedi!

    1. yep! :)

      BTW I love how you called it a pedi haha! I always dream about getting new shoes ever 6 weeks and how awesome that would be haha!

  4. G had the same thing for like a day it was so weird! hopefully he recovers quickly and its just some tenderness!


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