Monday, April 2, 2012

Race day?!

Yesterday I went up to the barn (with hubby and baby is tow) and we took Henry down to the big big round arena. My trainer said it would probably be a good idea to let him get some crazies out since he hasn't really had a chance to blow off some steam in a really big wide open space. He gets worked 5-6 days a week, turned out to graze/run aorund and hand walked around to graze but none of that is a big safe place to run around it... so I let him go. He was ok at the beginning and then became a NUT! Haha. He ran around like a wild man- good thing I had booted him up!!! Anywho race horse came out, tail in the air, calling like crazy and snorting. It was one of his finer moments lol!

Anywho after he was done he got walked, legs hosed off and then turned out to graze a little. He also rolled and got a few cuts from the stupid bark crap that they put in the turn outs- I checked them out and they looked ok- nothing I could put any meds on but I asked me trainer to peak at them today when they ride him and ill peak at them again tonight when I go to feed him.

I've got a meeting today at a customer site so I won't be able to go watch his ride... this is the last week of 3 trainer rides.. next week goes to the schedule I talked about last time. It's all good we will still get lots of workouts and keep progressing!

In other news - Lauren Hough and Quick Study got third place in $500,000 FTI Consulting Finale Grand Prix.

Lesson tomorrow, trainer ride Wednesday, hack Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.

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