Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rodeo Practice

Henry was practicing for the rodeo on the way walking to the barn (it was super windy so all the horses out in pastures were a bit wild), I tacked him up and then headed out to the round pen to let him blow off the "rodeo" steam :) He was super lazy and then BAM all the horses around outside started going crazy running around and Henry joined! It was awesome- I did lots of roll backs with him to get his focus back on me and tire him out haha.

On to riding... Worked on keeping Henry straight- riding about 3 or 4 feet off the rail so that he really had to listen to me and not use the rail/wall for our guide. We also had a nice composed canter which I appreciated... to the right he was a little more of a pain but from where we have come I can't complain.

Then we moved on to jumping... back and forth back and forth- then we added in asking for lead changed after the X as well. Woo hoo for moving forward! Henry jumps really round and I need to work on keeping my shoulders back, with his reach/round jumps it feels like he pulls me down so I HAVE to get this fixed asap.

Here is a picture for of Henry after our ride as I was putting him away :)

Hack tomorrow, turned out Saturday.

Oh and I paid my trainer for hauling and training/schooling tonight (for the show) and I am sending my entry (fees+ schooling cost) tomorrow so it's on for May 5th :) Cinco De Mayo means we will need to drink lots o beer!!! (Right Lyssette?!)


  1. Haha! Now you've locked yourself into going to the show - good. You and Henry are going to have a blast! Can't wait to hear about it.

    1. Yep we are stuck!!! :) haha! Praying he is good :)

  2. You only have 7 weeks until the Rodeo!

    And yes, Corona's for everyone, we'll have to remember to pack the limes.

    1. Coronas and hot weather- YUM :)

      Carlos needs to show Henry how to chill at shows :)


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