Monday, April 2, 2012

A+ what what!!

Henry got a good grade on his ride today- woo hoo! Maybe the trick to making Monday's not so bad for him is to let him be a wild man on Sunday and get the craziness out... I shall try it again next Sunday and see if it works :)

No stopping, well behaved and even cantered fences without losing his mind! So proud of him!!!

After work I went up and groomed, loved on and grained Henry... oh yeah I cleaned his stall and put a sheet on him too.

Lesson tomorrow, trainer ride Wednesday, hack Thursday, lessons Friday... not sure about Saturday.


  1. Awesome news! Catching up your posts over the last 3 weeks was really cool - lots of progress over that time and I love all the pictures and video! You guys are looking really great together and its so good you are jumping him!

    1. Thanks!!! Working hard to make a fancy horse outta Henry! lol


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