Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 21st

Lesson day... It was a super nice day, maybe a little too hot as I got a nice burn. There were 7 of us riding which was a nice group... almost felt like a flat class :)

We went through the motions of hacking, even some no stirrup work.. I had practiced this as well on Friday when I rode Louie since he is nice and smooooooth haha. Today I was on Henry so it wasn't as easy/smooth but it's all good.

My trainer commented on how good Henry was looking today- I have some nice blisters on my pinky fingers to show my hard work to help make him look good! It should be interesting how I am able to ride Monday.

I warmed Henry up over the X that the group was jumping, back and forth a few times. Then Juliana got on him and jumped him over some bigger stuff. He jumped well and even cantered a whole course- woot! Lead changes are still a work in progress but he is doing really well - I think.

Day off tomorrow, hack Monday, hack Tuesday, trainer ride Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday.


  1. Sounds like hes doing great!!! And its always good to be able to get on a more made horse to work on you for a bit!

    1. Yep it's fun to ride something made... then you can focus on yourself! :)

  2. Agree with what Shelley said. My rides on other horses make it easier to work on certain things.

    How do you guys school the changes? I don't have to work too much on it as Houston knows how to do it if I stay out of his way and ask correct. But I was struggling with them on a horse I leased/ almost bought and the trainer that was helping me set up an exercise with a pole maybe 10-12 feet (I'm not good with distance stuff) away from the wall/ rail - we were in an indoor... and then had me canter across the diagonal and ask at/ over the pole. It helped me a lot. I am sure he will figure it out though. :)

    Glad you guys are doing so well! Sorry about the blisters! You must be a grooming machine if you have blisters!!

    1. We don't really school them, he kinda naturally does the front and has to be reminded/helped with the hind end. I've heard of the cantering over a pull but we've never done that.

      Yeah I am excited about how well he's coming along. Thanks for the encouragement!

      The blisters are from the double reins haha!


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