Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rain x A Million

Trainer ride went well today. It POORED like crazy- the rain was soooooo loud it was out of control! Henry was a bit wild today on the line but finally settled into working. No Stopping woot!

They worked on some more counter canter into lead changes.

Also some jumping.. here are two videos (sorry they suck) and a picture :)

Jumping 2

The horse eating jump of the day haha!


  1. Henry has got a really cute jump on him!

  2. I love his form. He is such a cutie.

  3. He looks like hes improving so much!! And hes got a very nice jump on him :-)

  4. Ugh the times when the indoor is not your friend! You guys look great, he is such a super cute jumper.

  5. Thanks Shelley! I can't wait to see what horse you get :)

    Thanks Eva! He actually didn't care about the noise which was nice :) Oh and that isn't me riding but thanks for the compliment :)


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