Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Slacking .. oops!

Sorry I have been slacking on my posts! Quick re-cap..

Sunday- Turn out day off :)

Monday- Supposed to ride BUT hubby had a softball game that I wasn't warned about till Monday morning soooooo Henry got turned out and then I got him out and we went for a walk before the softball game. When hubby has the early game (6:30 pm) in the future I will be riding either Sunday or I'll have to figure something- ride on my lunch or something.

Tuesday- typically I hack BUT tonight I got my hair done. We have a wedding Saturday so I wanted to make my hair purdy! :) So he got lunged and groomed tonight. I was worried I was going to be in the way lunging since it was raining and everyone had to ride inside but it was just Lyssette and myself so lots of room for us both :)

Trainer ride tomorrow, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday... maybe a ride Sunday if I can :)

Hanging out in the super nice weather Monday :)


Henry and I love to hear from you guys! Leave us comments!!! :)