Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Things I want...

Custom Chaps *

Back on Track Saddle Pad*

Pink Show Shirt*

Antares Open Front Boots (hope you don't mine Lyssette!)***

Antares Ankle Boots (again hope you don't mind Lysstte)***

Eskadron FlexiSoft Sheepskin Front Boots**

Eskadron Sheepskin Ankle Boots**

Baker Sheet- 78 Please :)**

The following I would like in Maroon and Tan (our Barn colors) or Hunter and Navy
Bridle Bag***
Tall Boot Bag***
Saddle Bag***
Garment Bag**
All In One Bag***
Hat Bag**

Ok so I could keep going on and on and on ... the things with a * are the things I am looking to get in the near future, ** is next and *** is last :)


  1. I'd like custom boots please and thank you (:

  2. lol girl wait for episode 2 :) saddle, bridle, boots ...

  3. I have the Back on Track saddle pad and mesh sheet and I love them!! I can feel a difference in Buddy's back after about 15mins with the saddle pad.


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