Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Saturday

Henry trotted fine on a straight hard surface but just a smidge funny to the right on a circle. Going to give him another day off- he got turned out and ate grass/wandered around for almost 3 hours.

I rode Louie instead. As you know I like riding him- he's a nice broke horse so I can focus on me :)

Hacked around in the lesson and he was good. Worked on forward and keeping it there.

Then we moved on to the jumping. Got in line with everyone else and jumped the X back and forth, then jumped the panel X back and forth, jumped the two in a line... then I thought we were done cause she was raising the jumps. Um yeah surprise Karley.. keep going. We did a little course- Vertical rainbow to vertical with panel, left turn to the domino wall, right turn to the lattice oxer. The first time around I was frazzled so it was rough. Second time a little better. Third time better.

None of it felt amazing but it all felt ok- I was stronger and more confident then last time I rode Louie.

Going to check on and turn out Henry tomorrow and will ride Monday.


  1. Yay for more adv jumping! About time lol :)

    1. haha gee thanks!

      Hey it was a matter of time before 1. I had a horse who could go there and 2. I was back in shape.

      It's been a bit of time since I've been a real rider and not just a casual one so it feels good to be back where I was- now refining time :)


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