Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pictures! and our ride...

First I will start with the update, cause one I unveil the pictures I won't have your attention :)

Hacked last night down in the BIG arena. Again I did lots of canter work and transitions. He was better this time then Monday night. Still not where I want him to be or acceptable.

I also did lots of weaving around the jumps. Henry gets up tight when we go around/through/over/under jumps.. ok the last two were just added for the heck of it. But really when I turn and go between standards of two jumps I can feel the tension start. I close my leg and remind him to go forward and that its ok - he does but we need to get to a point where he is schooled and comfortable. It will come with time.

I did 5 min of 2 point in the canter again. Time to step it up as I am feeling comfortable at this amount of time.

I walked around and cooled him out.. then i turned him out for like 20/30 min to eat grass while I cleaned up.

Lesson tonight, hopefully a trainer ride Thursday and Friday and a lesson Saturday.

Now for the pictures from 5/10/12's lesson. Thanks Kat and Andy!

LOVE this :)

Hello 2 point challenge - "Keep going"

"My legs are jello!"

Walking up to the other arena to jump


  1. Love the pictures. Way to go with your challenge workouts! You are looking awesome.

  2. 5 minutes!! Holy legs of steel :) I think I could do 5 seconds right now, same with Laz!

  3. Love the head shot! Henry looks so handsome.

  4. The picture with the mountains in the background is gorgeous!

  5. Thanks everyone for the compliments! Henry is a good model! :)

  6. Wow beautiful photos! <3 Love California


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