Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wednesday and Thursday

Trainer ride Wednesday went well.. nothing special but good stuff :)

Tonight I had my lesson. It was a good ride. We rode inside and Henry was better about his frame- I went with a soft contact and that was a good compromise for us both.

We hacked around including some trot polls. Worked on a straight horse.. to the right he likes to drift towards the wall and over bend to the right so we worked on that.

Then we moved on to jumping. Started with an X.. had one stop not good but I felt like I rode aggressive to it and he was just being a bad horse. I got after him and did exactly what my trainer said and from there it was much better.

She raised the X to a vertical and then made a pile of polls that we jumped as well. Again worked on straightness after the jump with a halt- on a straight line.

Then the vertical got a little bigger. Again worked over the vertical and polls.

I was so proud of myself for being game for all the challenges that were thrown at me. I am getting more and more confident and excited to go places with Henry.

Kat and Andy took pictures so I can't wait to see them (as always)!

A few cell pics to tide us all over :)


  1. Growing confidence is awesome :) Cant wait to see the under saddle pics! Glad you had a successful lesson!

  2. Sounds really productive for you and for Henry!

  3. baby steps! I'm glad he got the memo on the frame which was frustrating you the other day!

  4. We are moving forward ladies! haha! :)


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