Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hey Saturday.. I normally like you, but not when Bayley has a rough night and is awake from 2:45 am- 5:00 am.

Anywho I wanted to get to the barn at like 8:15 so I could lunge Henry down- I had a feeling he was going to be full of it- but I didn't get there till about 8:25/8:30. So I hustled to get ready and then waited my turn for the round pen haha! When it was our turn Henry ran and bucked like a crazy man! I didn't lunge him as much as I would have liked cause someone else was waiting for the round pen and my trainer said he should be ok :)

I got on and went to work- one time around the arena and my trainer said to canter him down. Cantered in my 2 point for a while... legs were a burning! Then back to join the rest of the lesson. He was still high so after about 5-10 min of fighting I was allowed to go run him around again.

Run run run.

Back on and we were good- kinda. He wasn't great but at least I could partake in the lesson.

Flatted around as instructed.

Then onto jumping. We started with the rainbow X in the outside line. Henry did awesome... back and forth. Then on to the second jump in the line.. our first approach was bad. Henry thought/semi tried to duck out and i corrected him with my right rein but then was SURE we were going to run into the left standard so I slammed on the breaks. I got in trouble- rightfully so.

Came back around to it and was more aggressive and walla we jumped... did that back and forth a few times then went onto the line as a whole. Trot - jump - 4 strides - jump - lead change. Then my trainer had me do an oval with a tight turn after the jump. I'll be honest- I struggled. He felt heavy and just kinda barrel turned the corner. I knew I needed to balance him and my trainer was attempting to get this through my head as well... finally I checked in and we got it :) Ended on that. Henry was POOPED... I was POOPED.

I untacked him and turned him out to roll/eat grass while I cleaned tack. Bath time for Henry, grain and back home.

He had today off.

Next week's plan: Monday trainer ride, Tuesday Hack, Wednesday Trainer ride, Thursday lesson, Friday trainer ride, Saturday Lesson. Hopefully this week pans out as planned b/c that will mean LOTS of good work for Henry and me. We need it if we are going to go to the show at the end of June :)

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