Monday, May 21, 2012


Yep thats my horse ;)

Henry had a great trainer ride today.. was a bit high like Saturday but with a good amount of lunging and cantering he was game. Jumped everything in front of him... even was a bit blah over the X's.

Now I have mixed feeling about this- on the good side I think sweet this isn't a mountain for him to jump anymore and he's actually being quite honest.. on the other side I think wake up dude and JUMP lol.

Anywho he jumped everything that was asked of him and he did it well- no running out, stopping or freakouts. He jumped the lattice little oxer that was nicely flapping in the wind and even the liverpool!

Oh and even had good lead changes! I love being apart of his training and feeling strong enough to take control. I guess I feel even better about it all because I did all his riding last week- no trainer rides- and he was well schooled and not rotten from my week of riding!

Hack tomorrow, trainer ride Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday, lesson Saturday. :)

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