Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday May 9th

Trainer ride. I showed up and they were hacking... he was nice and sweaty already as it's HOT outside. Hacked him around, cantered the poll on the ground which he is finally doing w/o the world ending.

On to jumping... they started with this

Then they moved to this

He was good, no stopping... trotted and cantered it both directions and even worked on lead changes.

Lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday (and a course change thanks to Irene and Lyssette) and hopefully a trainer ride Saturday to make up for missing one last week.


  1. Good boy Henry! Plus that's a very colorful and interesting jump - I'm sure your trainer was trying to determine just how honest he was going to be.

    1. Oh he's jumped worse then this :) All my trainers jumps are crazy, colorful and jumper type stuff so when we go to the hunter ring, our horses don't flinch :) He's not so honest LOL but heres to hoping he will get better!


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