Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just keep hacking...

Got out of my meeting early so I went out and hacked Henry which means we might eat dinner tonight before 8 pm AND i'll be able to make dinner!

Back to Henry... it was hot and either of us wanted to do this ride business but it was needed so I got to it.

Tacked up, lunged (didn't last long cause it was hot and he was not high) and rode. The jumps had moved around so he was a little lookie but a few times by them and it was old news :) I had the arena to myself for half the ride, it was nice.

Walked, trotted, sitting trotted, walk to canter, halt from a canter, canter to trot, trot to halt, halt to canter...  you get the idea. He was a little fussy with his head but settled in. I wanted him to stay in the frame and work in the frame through our ride but there is more to be desired there... homework!

Henry got a new fly sheet...

And for good measure a cute picture of Henry :)


  1. Henry is so handsome. You don't find that he gets too hot with the fly sheet on? That has always been a concern for me. It gets super balmy here in KY though... My last horse was ubber sensitive though so either the flys were angering him or the fly sheet was bc he was too hot... Horses!

    1. well i've only had it a week and a half (this fly sheet). The Amigo Mio I had before he was fine under. We get hot but not humid in CA :)


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