Friday, May 4, 2012

It's Show Time

Thursday I had a lesson. Gotta get in a good ride in pre show :) We jumped and Henry was good. Also worked on getting lead changes after the jumps. Oh and I did my baseline for Sprinkler Bandit's challenge... 3.5 min :)

Today Henry got a trainer ride. They worked on jumping him over the pile of "stuff" in the arena which eventually turned into a decent little jump. It ended up being one wide jump- three sets of standards- and X, vertical, X. Henry jumped it well from a trot but got a bit sticker at the canter. They worked through it and ended well.

After the ride I bathed him and packed for the show.

I've got everything ready at home as well. Meeting at the barn at 7 am tomorrow.

Heres to hoping my nerves stay at bay and Henry is good and not spookie :)


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